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Jonothan Christie – FIC Rep in South Africa

The team involved  in filming the FIC Course in Arabic at Miracle TV, Egypt.
Filming the Arabic version of the FIC Course.
Leaders of another church in Brazil receive the FIC Course.

A whole load of good news stories…

Here are  some fantastic stories of what God is doing around the world through Freedom In Christ. 

  • UK. At a conference last week a church leader told the story of how a man who practised paganism contacted the church a few years ago asking to go on an Alpha Course. They weren’t running one at the time so invited him on a FIC Course. He went on it, became a Christian, took hold of his freedom, and is now a full-time youth worker in a different church.
  • Uganda. Josh Shaarda reports a conversation with an ex-convict who came across FIC in prison. He said: “Before I went to prison I drank a lot of alcohol and chased women. Soon after arriving “O” told me I needed to give my life to Jesus Christ, so I did. Through the fellowship of Christians in the prison, the Discipleship Course, the Timothy Leadership training, and other teachings, I have completely changed. When I got home I told my wife I am a new person completely. I promised her I will not bring her problems anymore because I do not drink – I have stopped. I also do not chase women now. We now stay together in peace. I now fellowship with other born again people and we are talking about starting a church in our community.” “O” who led him to Christ is in prison for double murder.
  • Brazil. Even though they are not yet “official”, Nivaldo and Ana, our potential Brazilian Representatives, are receiving a warm welcome as they train leaders around the country.
  • Egypt. Our potential Representative was filmed last week presenting the FIC Course in Arabic by Miracle Christian TV channel. It is likely to be watched by hundreds of thousands of Arabic speakers.
  • UK. Last week I met man who is a convicted paedophile and who reached out for help via his church a couple of years ago. He told me that he has been completely free of the old urges for a couple of years and can scarcely believe the difference.
  • We have asked for stories of healing for future filming and I’ve been reading some wonderful accounts of people who have apparently been healed from all sorts of ailments. Watch this space!
  • Iran / Austria. A group of Iranians in Vienna are going through the Farsi version of the FIC Course.
  • Romania. Our Representative, Daniel, has been interviewed twice on radio about FIC recently.