Setting Your Church Free

Setting Your Church Free

(The process of corporate conflict resolution)


Dr. Neil T. Anderson


Text: Extreme Church Makeover by Anderson and Mylander, 2005

A. Situational Leadership

B. Servant Leadership

1.       When the task seems overwhelming learn: The Principle of Biblical Rest (Ex. 33:12,13)

2.       When you are burdened by people’s needs learn: The Principle of Shared Leadership (Numbers 11)

3.       When people challenge your leadership learn: The Principle of Humble Intercession Numbers (Numbers 12 [staff], 14 [congregation], 16 [board]


C. Steps to Setting Your Church Free (Revelation 2,3)

1.       Discern your strengths (5 to 7 ministries that are consistently bearing fruit)

2.       Discern your weaknesses

3.       Process corporate forgiveness

4.       Repent of corporate sins

5.       Discern and defeat Satan’s attacks

6.       Create a prayer action plan


D. Leadership strategy