Living and Walking In Freedom

Living and walking in freedom

Every Christian can become the person God wants them to be no matter what their past experiences. Nobody needs to languish in the bondage of sin.

Whether you simply want to get hold of our basic teaching or you or someone you know is fighting with deeper issues, you will find help and encouragement here.


Free to be Yourself (Discipleship Series Book 1)


Many Christians act as they think a Christian should act – and find that they simply can’t keep it up. They either drop out or burn out. True fruitfulness comes from realising that we have become someone completely new.

R85.00 (FC203)


Win The Daily Battle (Discipleship Series Book 2)


You are in a raging battle, whether you like it or not. Your only choice is to stand and fight or to become a casualty. This practical book explains who you are in Christ and how your enemies work so that you can emerge victorious from every skirmish.

R85.00 (FC204)


Break Free, Stay Free (Discipleship Series Book 3)


Your past can hold you back even if it is relatively trouble free. The great news is that Jesus came specifically to resolve past issues, no matter how big. He does not change them but does allow us to walk completely free of them as we play our part.

R85.00 (FC205)


The You God Planned (Discipleship Series Book 4)


Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. Ensure you become the person God is calling you to be. Know His goals for your life and make sure you are playing your part in the Church, the Bride of Christ, as she prepares herself for His return.

R85.00 (FC206)


Victory Over The Darkness


Many Christians live below par – emotionally, spiritually, physically – because they do not grasp the amazing truth of what happened when they became a Christian.  Together with The Bondage Breaker, this book will help you find your freedom in Christ.

R160.00 (FC194)

The Bondage Breaker


Do you feel trapped by negative thoughts, irrational feelings and habits you can’t seem to break? The good news is that you can break free!  The Bible warns that Christians will struggle against Satan.  But while the conflict is real, so are the answers.

R160.00 (FC274)


The Bondage Breaker – The Next Step




Hundreds of thousands of Christians have found spiritual freedom as they’ve grasped the Bible’s truth about their identity in Christ with the help of The Bondage Breaker by Dr. Neil T. Anderson.The Bondage Breaker – The Next Step offers more help to those suffering from destructive behaviours and spiritual entanglements, and an expanded vision for helping others realize their freedom in Christ. (R160)





Liberating Prayer


Trying to stay mentally focussed in prayer is a common struggle for Christians. Tempting and distracting thoughts can plague your devotional life. What if you’re hearing from God and don’t know it? Neil Anderson explains this confusion and shares how you can find mental peace. His thoughts on prayer will change your times with God. Liberating Prayer shows that prayer is a relationship and will set you free from meaningless rituals and stagnant devotions. FC 276 R140.00