Staying Free

Staying free


Walking In Freedom



Highly recommended for all who have been through The Steps To Freedom In Christ, this 21 day devotional will help you establish your freedom in Christ.

It reminds you of key truths and inspires you to stand firm. We hear lots of good stories from people who have used this great resource.

R190.00 (FC008)



The Daily Discipler


This devotional contains a bible passage and a lesson for each day of the year and will take you on a journey of discipleship. Ideal for those who have been through the Freedom in Christ Discipleship course. Hardback.

R200.00 (FC161)





Who I Am In Christ


If you have been struck about your new identity in Christ as you have been through the Discipleship course then you will find this book a great way to help you to continue to walk in freedom. It leads you through the 36 ‘I am’ statements with further teaching and prayers. It was previously published in the UK as ‘Living Free’ which is no longer available.

R170.00 (FC275)



One Day At A Time


A superb 120 day devotional designed to help people who have been through Steps To Freedom In Christ walk in the freedom gained. Particularly good for those struggling with deeper issues such as addiction, obsession and depression.

R190.00 (FC176)