Leadership Resources

Leadership resources


Extreme Church Makeover


We all know that individuals can be ineffective through sin but we may not realise whole churches can too. This book will help you understand the problem of spiritual bondage at a corporate level and give you clear, practical and biblical steps to take.

You can read more about the principles outlined in the book in the Corporate Freedom section of the site. If you like what you read, you may like to consider inviting Freedom In Christ to run a “Setting Your Ministry Free” retreat for your leadership team.



Biblical Guide To Alternative Medicine


Confused about alternative medicine? Struggling to decide what might be helpful and what is downright dodgy?

In this excellent resource, Dr. Neil Anderson and Dr. Michael Jacobson give a five-dimensional grid that you can use to evaluate any medical treatment or system to come to a conclusion.

It also contains information on alternative therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture, allopathy, applied kinesiology, Chinese herbal medicine, chirporactic, and many, many more.

Finally the book shows you how to develop your own”recipe” for holistic health and apply it to daily life.





The Path To Reconciliation



God has given us the ministry of reconciliation, connecting people to God and to each other. This book shows how to walk through the process of reconciliation with others once we have ensured that we have ourselves been personally reconciled to God.



Breaking The Bondage Of Legalism


Understand the bondage that results from legalism – guilt, pride, shame, a critical and controlling spirit. Shows the path of liberation through knowing who you are in Christ and a true understanding of grace.